Kits de extracción

Galiza Analítica ha analizado y seleccionado los mejores kits de extracción y purificación existentes en el mercado para ponerlos a su disposición. Adaptándose a sus necesidades y requerimientos, le podemos suministrar cualquier kit que necesite.



Absolutely RNA

Absolutely RNA®: una línea de productos intactos, puros, de alta calidad total de ARN y ARNm para cada aplicación.

También ofrecemos una amplia gama de kits de extracción de ADN genómico para, PCR, plásmido, y el ADN lambda.


Direct real time quantitative RT- PCR and PCR from cell lysates containing RNA ,miRNA and DNASideStep™ Lysis and Stabilization Products
  • Quantitate gene expression in cells-without isolating RNA
  • Immediate cell lysis and nucleic acid stabilization for up to 6 months
  • Single tube “in-solution” format
  • Prepare lysates from as few as one cell or up to 1 million (106) cells
  • Multiple product formats to suit your application
Total RNA
Pure DNA-free RNA for RT-PCR, real time RT-PCR and microarray analysesAbsolutely RNA®
Miniprep Kit
  • Spin cup format
  • Optimized for mammalian cells and tissue
  • 105 to 107 cultured cells or 5 to 40 mg of tissue
Ideal kit for pure RNA Isolation from Laser Capture Microdissection samplesAbsolutely RNA®
Microprep Kit
  • Spin cup format
  • Optimized for mammalian cells
  • Maximal recovery of RNA from up to 5 x 105 cells
High-throughput method purifies total RNA from small samplesAbsolutely RNA®
96 Microprep Kit
  • Spin cup format
  • Optimized for mammalian cells
  • Maximal recovery of RNA from up to 5 x 105 cells
  • 96 well format
Ideal kit for RNA Isolation from a single cellAbsolutely RNA®
Nanoprep Kit
  • Small (10 µl) elution volume for concentrated RNA
  • Specially designed spin cup format for small scale isolation
  • 1 cell to 104 mammalian cells
Efficient isolation of undegraded total RNA from tissue or cellsRNA Isolation Kit
  • Optimized GITC/phenol-chloroform reagents for single step extraction
  • Mammalian tissue or cells
  • Up to 7 grams of tissue, 7 x 108 cells
Traditional isolation of total RNA from limited samplesMicro RNA
Isolation Kit
  • Traditional GITC method
  • Mammalian tissue 1 – 50 mg
Messenger RNA
High yield, fast purification of contaminant-free mRNAAbsolutely mRNA™
Purification Kit
  • Precision engineered magnetic bead format
  • Purest mRNA
  • Fast 20-minute protocol
  • Scalable, simple kit method using as little as 50 µg of total RNA
Complete kit for messenger RNA isolation directly from cells SideStep™ mRNA Enrichment Kit
  • Efficient 30 minute method delivers pure mRNA from cells
  • Less than 1% rRNA contamination
  • Scalable method
Ample yields of intact mRNA directly from cell or tissue lysatesMessenger RNA
Isolation Kit
  • Traditional GTC-oligo dT cellulose
  • Direct from mammalian tissue or cell lysates
  • Up to 5 g of tissue or up to 5 x 107 cells
Genomic DNA
Non-toxic method for DNA extractionDNA
Extraction Kit
  • Easy to use
  • Scalable salt precipitation2 method
  • Direct from mammalian tissue or cell lysates
Non-toxic method for DNA extraction from small blood volumesDNA
Microextraction Kit
  • Rapid protocol
  • Easy to use salt precipitation2 from blood samples
Recovery of fully hydrated high molecular weight (100 to 500 kb) genomic DNA ready-to-go for downstream applicationsRecoverease™
DNA Isolation Kit
  • Non-toxic method using course filtration dialysis
  • Direct from whole mammalian tissues such as liver, spleen, kidney, brain and testes
  • No organic extractions or ethanol precipitations
PCR Clean-up
Effective purification of DNA fragments from 100 bp to greater than 23 kbStrataPrep®
Gel Extraction Kit
  • Versatile protocol—works with both conventional and low-melt agarose gels
  • Easy to use spin cup format
Rapid, high yield PCR product purification—up to 10 µgStrataPrep®
PCR Purification Kit
  • Easy to use spin cup format
  • Direct from PCR reactions mixtures
Rapid, high throughput PCR product purificationStrataPrep® 96 PCR
Purification Kit
  • Easy to use 96 well format
  • Direct from PCR reaction mixtures
Plasmid DNA
Small scale, rapid, phenol-free method for purifying pure plasmid DNAStrataPrep®
Miniprep Kit
  • Easy to use spin cup format
  • Accommodates all sizes of DNA from standard 2.9-kb plasmids to 45-kb cosmids
  • Direct from bacterial cultures
Large scale purification of endotoxin-free DNA ranging from 2.9 Kb plasmids to 45 Kb cosmidsStrataPrep® EF Plasmid Midi Prep kit
  • Rapid, high yields of pure endotoxin-free DNA
  • Improves transfection efficiency
  • Spin cup format
  • Direct from bacterial cultures
Lambda and Probe DNA
Purification of Lambda DNALambda DNA
Purification Kit
  • DEAE resin coupled with EDTA lysis
  • Direct from liquid or plate lambda lysates
  • Eliminates need for PEG precipitation and phenol/chloroform extractions
Purifies > 17 nt DNA or RNA fragmentsNucTrap® Probe Purification
  • Fast 2-minute protocol
  • Removes >99% of unincorporated nucleotides
  • Easy to use column method
microRNA Isolation
Efficient and Fast Isolation of microRNA from tissue and cellsmiRACLE miRNA Isolation Kit
  • Application-ready miRNA for quantitative PCR (QPCR) or miRNA microarray analysis
  • Efficient column-based isolation of microRNA
  • Simple 30-minute procedure
  • Complete Kit
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